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6 Fukuoka Hot Springs to Soak Away the Winter Blues

Winter bliss is one good scrub and steam away

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With the winter cold still upon us, its time to head to an onsen. I've picked some of my favourites, spread across different areas of Fukuoka. Hopefully you can find a great onsen near you - or one in a new part of Fukuoka you want to explore!


Nestled behind the Kyudai Forest, and just a stone's throw away from Costco, the Yumeka Hotel and hot springs are the city's answer to countryside onsen. While the building is modern, once you step inside the bathing area, everything is decorated in the traditional style. There are tons of outdoor baths, including a wine bath and a bath filled with traditional Chinese herbs. The entrance price is higher than most, but for the occasional mini-getaway, it's definitely worth it.

Details: ¥970 adults, open 10:00-24:00, Tuesday open 11:00

1822 Kubara, Hisayama-machi, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka-ken 〒811-2501

Best access by car or bus, 3km from Sasaguri Station on the Sasaguri Line.


Conveniently located at the base of Tonboyama (go for a hike before your soak!), Mamushi onsen is a local secret. The water is the big selling point here, with an outdoor red wine bath, green tea bath, and foot bath. Indoors, sweat it out in the sauna and salt sauna. 

Details: ¥600 adults, open 10:00-22:00

2380-1 Nijōyoshii, Itoshima-shi, Fukuoka-ken 〒819-1641

Best access by car, but from Fukuyoshi Station on the Chikuhi Line it's about a 20 minute walk.


Set off by itself in the hills above Nakagawa, Seiryu's atmosphere instantly puts one at ease. Indoors, the bathing area has high, beamed ceilings, and there is a sauna, salt sauna, cold pool, and electric pool. Outdoors, wander about naked in a mini jungle filled with many different bathing pools and a steam room. The best time to go is late in the evening, when the outdoor waterfalls are lit up and the patrons are few.

Details: Open 10:00-24:00

Weekdays ¥1400, weekend and holiday ¥1600

Family bath weekday ¥3000, weekend ¥3600 for 50 minutes

326 Nameri, Nakagawa-machi, Chikushi-gun, Fukuoka-ken 〒811-1236

There is a free shuttle bus to the onsen from Hakata Station and Ohashi Station, otherwise best access by car.

Genki Club

A brand-new combination of gym, pool, ganbanyoku (hot stone sauna), and onsen, Genki Club caters to Kyushu University students and staff, and Itoshima retirees. The facilities are nice and always perfectly clean. There are small indoor and outdoor bathing areas, including tiny 1-person steam boxes that sort of resemble hot, upright coffins.

Monthly membership is available for the same rate as the 24-hour gym chains, but you can also buy one-time tickets for onsen, gym use + onsen, and pool + onsen.

Details: Onsen open 10:00-22:30

Onsen ¥560 weekdays, ¥660 weekends and holidays

Onsen + pool or onsen + fitness center ¥1600

Onsen, pool, and fitness center ¥2600

Onsen + ganbanyoku ¥1700

Onsen, pool, and ganbanyoku ¥2200

Onsen, pool, fitness center, and ganbanyoku ¥3200


756 Tomari, Itoshima-shi, Fukuoka-ken 〒819-1111

Best access by car, or 30 minute walk from Kyushu University's Ito Campus.


Located at the edge of the city with easy access from Chuo-ku, Jyonan-ku, Sawara-ku, and Nishi-ku, Fuku-no-yu has all of the amenities and none of the tourists of the city-side onsen. Indoors, Fuku-no-yu boasts a huge washing area, several whirlpools, a salt sauna, and a cold plunge pool. There is also a smaller outdoor bathing area. On the second floor above the onsen, there is a ganbanyoku, or hot stone sauna, with several different rooms. There is also family onsen available, admitting up to 4 people (reservations recommended in the evenings).

Details: Open 9:00-3:00

¥600 weekdays, ¥650 weekends and holidays

Family onsen from ¥2700-¥3300 for 50 minutes

5 Chome-22-16 Kotabe, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka-shi 〒814-0032 (There are also branches in Kasuga and Hanahata)

Easy acess by bicycle (covered bike parking available), car, or bus (Kotabe 5-chome stop just outside)


Favourite of Munakata locals, Yamatsubasa has modern, clean changing rooms, an indoor washing and bathing area, and a plethora of outdoor soaking and relaxing options. They even provide pretty, old-school umbrellas to shade you from the sun's glare during summer months. Despite it's rather incongruous location tucked behind a strip mall, the inside of the facility is quiet and serene, with floor to ceiling windows overlooking a tiny pond.

Details: Open 10:00-24:00

¥1,100 weekdays, ¥1,300 weekends

Family onsen from ¥2,700-¥3,200 for 60 minutes (reservations available for same day use)

474 Omaru, Munakata, Fukuoka Prefecture 811-3422

There is a free shuttle bus from JR Togo station to Yamatsubasa, runs hourly and takes 10 minutes each way: access and bus schedule

Onsen Tips

  • Don't pack too much. If you're going to onsen by bicycle or public transportation, remember that bath towels and small onsen towels can always be rented for a coin or 2.
  • That being said, if you're particular about your hair care, do bring your own shampoo and conditioner. When onsens are cutting costs, one of the first things to go seems to be the luxury hair care options.
  • All of the onsen listed above have great restaurants if you're feeling peckish!

What are your favourite onsen in the Fukuoka area?

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