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Cycling in Fukuoka: Chikushino Loop

A hilly 56km loop, 3.5 hours return, plus an awesome playground.

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From the Tenjin area, it's a bit of a pain to head towards Dazaifu and Chikushino. Tons of busy roads, stoplights, and not much in the way of scenery. Taking this route is quick and avoids at least some of the heavy traffic (though if you have any good alternatives please let me know!), and the countryside and parks on this route are totally worth the drudgery!

The whole length of route 601 is just beautiful - it's a tiny road that heads up past some dodgy looking mining/construction and up into the woods. There's a small stream that you follow the whole way, and there are seldom any cars. The road is well-shaded, making the steep climb a bit easier.

Once you reach the peak of the hill, just past the entrance for a golf club, there are a few nice parks on your left. Both feature large reservoirs, and the second, Chikushino Total Park (筑紫野市総合公園), also has a massive pirate ship playground. In the middle of nowhere. It's definitely the best place to stop for a break (and maybe a slide or 2).

If you've got time on the way back, stop at one of Dazaifu's well-known onsen, Tenpai-no-yu. Just 750 for a weekday soak, the outdoor baths have a nice view across the hills you've just cycled.


From here, it's a quick, downhill, if rather uninspiring, ride back to Fukuoka City.

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