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Cycling in Fukuoka: Itoshima Loop

Ocean, beach, mountains, great views. This ride has it all. (74.4k loop from Ohori Park)

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Cycling out to Itoshima is always a lot of fun. The coastline is popular with cyclists, so plan on getting lots of nods and smiles of encouragement for the first 55 km or so as you ride along the ocean. Futamigaura, along the north side of the peninsula, is a great spot to stop for a swim or a snack at one of the beachside cafes, but there are plenty of other bike-friendly places to stop for a rest or snack (especially in summer). Most cafes, however, aren't open until 11am or noon so if you plan to go early, hit up a conbini on the way or pack your own food.

Leaving Itoshima and heading south towards the mountains, the ride starts to feel much more rural. After climbing Hyuga Pass, the road heads steadily down into Fukuoka city.

If you want a shorter version of the ride, there are plenty of places to cut it shorter or make it less hilly. Most of the ride is fairly flat, with a few rolling hills. The steepest part of the ride is Hyuga Pass near the end (max elevation of 253m) where you head pretty much straight up then straight back down. Route 54 just past Futamiguara is also quite steep (max elevation 170m). To avoid this section, simply continue straight on 567 instead of turning to the right towards the golf course. At the traffic light (there's a smoothie shop on your right), hang a right and continue on until you connect back with Rt 54 and the course.

The full loop is 74.7k. Not factoring in any breaks, the ride will take about 4 hours.

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