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Hidden Hanami Spots in Fukuoka

Find the best cherry blossoms in Fukuoka, without all the crowds

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Hanami season is upon us at last! After a long, cold winter, its time to break out the blue blankets, load up on sake and snacks, and enjoy the perfectly pink cherry blossoms. Ohori, Maizuru, and Nishi Parks are usually the go-to places in Fukuoka for hanami (cherry blossoms viewing), and rightly so. But if you want to get off the beaten track, check out these parks:

Chayama Central Park

My all-time favourite place to see the cherry blossoms, this tiny, off the beaten track park consists of a pond completely surrounded by cherry trees. There is no grass here, only a walking path made out of a synthetic track material, which you can lay your blue blanket on for a picnic. This park is nearly always empty, though during hanami season you will occasionally see a group of elderly people here during the day.

Iki Shrine

Just a hop, skip, and jump from Shimoyamoto Station, the yard of this tiny shrine is packed with cherry trees. Its such a beautiful and peaceful spot; in addition you can walk to the beach from here in just a couple of minutes.

Aburayama Forest Park

A huge park including hikes, a campground, and a petting zoo, Aburayama Park has some great places for hanami. Further up the park, towards the zoo Momo Land, but not all the way, has the best cherry trees and fewest people. There are toilets and running water in this part of the park; for vending machines and food stalls, head towards Momo Land.

If coming by car, its easier to enter the park and leave your car near the Momo Land entrance. Car access is not always possible through the length of the park.

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park

A more commercial option, Uminonakamichi makes up for the ¥410 entry fee with tunnels of sakura that you can walk or cycle through. Rent bicycles at the park, or bring your own on the ferry from Hakata Port.

What is your favourite place in Fukuoka for hanami?

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