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Hiking in Fukuoka: Mt. Iimori

382m, 1 hour each way

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Easy to get to from the city and a fairly easy climb, Mt. Iimori also offers a bit of extra culture by way of 2 shrines that can be found en-route to the summit. The main Iimori Shrine, built in 1650, is at the start of the hike, and Iimori Chugu, with its imposing torii gate, is about halfway up. In the spring, part of the hike is lined by dozens of hydrangea blooms.

The Route

From Iimori Shrine, start up the small paved road heading away from the city. At the first junction with more shrine buildings on the right, keep to the left. The road (still accessible to cars, but with very little traffic), snakes its way up to Iimori Chugu. The trailhead to the right of the torii gate is a more direct path up, but to take in the shrine, climb the stairs, and then follow the trail across the small stone bridge to the left. A small trail into the woods can be found at the back of the small garden.

From here the trail is fairly easy to follow, but with signage for the top of Iimori-yama (飯盛山) only in Japanese. The path is steep, and a few rocky, technical sections have rope handholds.

The summit boasts a limited view across western Fukuoka City and Itoshima, but most of the area is covered by trees. There are benches provided for a break before you head back down the mountain.

There are 2 choices of route to descend back to Iimori Chugu. As you're facing out towards the vista, the trail to the left will take you back the way you came. To the right is the Hydrangea Route (アジサイの路).

The Hydrangea Route is an easier, though slightly longer, alternative, as the trail quickly turns into a small paved road. Head down, towards the right, to end up back at Iimori Chugu, and continue on the same road past the shrine and all the way back down to Iimori Shrine. If you want to stick to trails, I'd recommend going back by the same route you ascended, but in the spring, the hydrangea blooms are definitely worth the detour and the paved road.

Want to hike this route with a group? Join us on September 23rd for the Mt. Iimori Hike!

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