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Hiking in Fukuoka: Nijodake

711.4m, 1 hour 45 minutes to the summit, 75 minutes back down

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With a trailhead starting just beyond a pedestrian suspension bridge with sweeping views of the coastline, Nijo-dake is an interestingly varied hike for it's height. Follow wooded trails while listening to the sound of rushing water, visit a tiny countryside shrine, and enjoy spectacular views of the Nijo coastline from the many rocky vantage points near the summit.

For best access to the mountain, park at Yurarinko Bridge, a small parking area with basic toilet facilities.

The Route

Walk across Yurarinko Bridge, climb the stone stairs bordering the waterfall, then turn slightly to the left and climb one more set of stairs to reach the start of the trail.

The trail to the top is split into 3 distinct sections. The first part follows the river up through the woods until it reaches a small shrine. This section is narrow and a bit rough, but easy to follow.

After the shrine, continue along the gravel road that skirts along the pond. At the first intersection, take a right. After that, keep an eye out for the start of the next trail on your left. Once you're again on the smaller, wooded trail, keep following signs for Nijodake to reach the top.

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