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Hiking in Fukuoka: Tateishisan

209.5m, 5.2k and 4 hours return by recommended route

· Hiking,Itoshima

Tateishisan is my all-time favourite hike around Fukuoka. Most mountains around here are quite wooded, and you only get nice views once you've reached the top. But depending on which route you pick, this hike is picturesque nearly the entire way. So sorry I'm not sorry about all the photos on this post.

The Route

If you've got time (about 4 hours return including a break at the top, 2.6km each way), I'd recommend starting the hike at Keya-no-Oto (parking lot in front of this shrine). From the parking area, you can walk up to a lookout point, as seen on the map, and then walk along a rocky stretch of coastline towards a little fishing port.

As you approach the Keya docks, keep as close to the ocean as you can. Pass over a small bridge, past the boats to your right, and walk towards the little parking lot.

From here, you have a choice to make. Either turn left on the road that passes public toilets on your left and then take a right turn another 500 meters or so further on (again, you can check your progress on this map). Continue on this road past a small pond and then as you start to climb up an incline, keep an eye out for the trailhead on your right.

If you want to continue on the recommended route, let me first just cover my ass by saying that the hotel at the far end of Keya beach was recently demolished and I'm not sure what is planned next for that property, and in no way do I condone climbing over the rubble to reach the trailhead, though if one were to do that and be careful, it would probably be fine. Anyway...

At the far end of the parking lot, there is a little grassy path bordered by wildflowers that will take you straight to the beach.

Cross the length of Keya Beach, passing another set of public toilets on your left, and walk all the way to the end of the road. The trailhead is, at the time of writing, to the left just past about half of the (aforementioned) building rubble, and super easy to miss. Once you're on the trail though, just follow it up!

The trail to the top is a mix of dirt and solid stone, with a pretty consistent incline all the way to the (almost) top. About a third of the way up the trees clear and there are great views along the coast toward Itoshima and Karatsu.

For the best views (and fewest people), the first peak you get to (it seems like the top) is a great place to stop. About 400m further on (the trail goes down and then back up through the trees) is the actual summit, though the views aren't as nice, and just past that is another nice lookout point. If you want to make a loop of it (as plotted on the map), hit all 3 stopping points, and then continue down towards the road.

What are your favourite hikes in Fukuoka? If you've done this one, which route do you take? Let me know in the comments!

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