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Hiking in Fukuoka: Tonboyama

535.2m, 1.5 hours to the top, 1 hour down

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The last mountain in the ridgeline that separates Fukuoka Prefecture from Saga Prefecture, Tonboyama boasts views over Karatsu, across the water to the west side of Itoshima peninsula, and to the mountains of Saga.

The hike isn't too difficult, with a well-trodden trail, and takes about 1.5 hours to the top. The way down takes about 1 hour.

The best part about this hike though is that the parking area is at a great onsen. Post-hike, head to Mamushi Onsen for a soak and a bite to eat before heading home. The onsen (entry ¥600 for adults) boasts both indoor and outdoor baths, including green tea and red wine baths, a salt sauna, and a hot sauna.

The Route

From the Mamushi Onsen parking area, turn right onto the main road and walk downhill, past one road leading up to the left. The next (very small) road on left heads towards the trail head. It's marked, in Japanese only (十坊山) with a small sign and an arrow. Follow the road uphill, as shown here on the Route Map, turning to a left at the first fork, until you leave the paved road, skirting around a gate that blocks car access.

Once you're on the dirt trail, just follow it all the way up to the summit. About halfway up, there is a turnoff for an alternate route back down, but as of 2017, the route was not well marked and led to the opposite side of the base of the mountain.

At the summit, there are plenty of picnic spots with great views, and a huge rock you can climb up! From here, there are trails that lead along the ridge line towards Mt. Sefuri, or back towards the onsen.

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