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Running in Fukuoka: City Trails

An 8.5km, hilly loop through central Fukuoka

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Happy marathon season everyone! The weather's still hot, but there's the promise (or perhaps just the vain hope), of fall coolness in the air. And its time, hot or not, to start training for those races we've all foolishly signed up for :)

Weekends can get busy, and before the loooong training runs kick in, its nice to have some go-to routes close to home for a quick run during the week. This route hits some of Fukuoka's best running spots: Ohori Park of course, as well as Minami Park, the Baikouen Greenway, Hii River, and the shady back roads around Sakurazaka.

I'd be remiss not to mention the hills and stairs around Minami Park, but to keep the route under 10km and stay off most of the main roads, they're necessary. And good training for the quads, anyhow ;)

Happy training!

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