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Top 5 Underrated Parks in Fukuoka

Because while we all love Ohori, sometimes there are just too many tourists.

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5. Seibuundo Koen 西部運動公園

Along the Muromi River (which has an excellent bike/walking path), this park is a nice shady oasis in Nishi-ku. There are plenty of places to picnic in the grass, sports fields, a 1500m jogging track, decent enough toilets, and a really nice playground. Probably not worth the trek if you live all the way in Hakata, but if you're running or cycling along the river anyway, its a great place to stop.

4. Hoshiguma Central Park 干隈中央公園

This park has it all - fields for playing (or watching) sports, wooded walking paths, and far flung areas to explore and get lost in.

3. Nagaokakita Ryokuchi Park 長丘北緑地

Want to go on a trail run but don't have the time (or wheels) to get out of the city? Head to the Nagaokakita Ryokuchi Park, just south of Minami Park. The trails are all quite hilly, but there is plenty of land for a 5 kilometer run. At the highest point of the park (keep to your right after the stairs as you enter from the south side) there's a lookout tower with great panoramic views of Fukuoka.

2. Chayama Central Park 茶山中央公園

When Ohori Park gets overcrowded in the spring, this is a great place to go for hanami. It's a tiny park with a little walking trail around the pond, but it's completely surrounded by cherry trees, and in the spring it's just beautiful. Best of all, there's never more than a couple people here at a time!

It's not big enough for a run by itself, but the Chayama area is a pretty neighbourhood with small streets that are nice for a run or walk (but bring a map - it's super easy to get lost around here!). Alternatively, bring a book or a snack and hang out on one of the park's many benches.

1. Nakagawa Kasen Ryokuchi Park


Both sides of the Naka River near this park are wonderful for walking, running, or a leisurely mamachari ride. And if you live along the Hakata-Minami train line, its a great (if not the fastest), way to get into town.

For a long run you can do without having to constantly check your phone for directions, this is a great place to go. There's about 12km of great paths (and sometimes small roads) along the river. And if you want to head back early, just catch the next bridge and head back. This route starts and ends from JR Takeshita station.

What are your favourite underrated parks in Fukuoka? Have I missed any gems? Let me know in the comments!

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