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Even though I work out every day, I definitely have more pairs of yoga pants than any biped needs. I've bought ¥900 yoga pants and ¥9,000 yoga pants and everything in between. At a high price point, my favourite pair by far is from Reebok. They feel like a second skin and I wish I had about 10 more pairs (excuse me while I go shop the sale I just saw on their website...). My favourite budget option for yoga pants is GapFit from The Gap. Regular priced leggings start around ¥5,000, but if you shop the outlet sales, especially in Tosu, you can get some amazing deals.

Keep reading below for more options, opinions, and places to shop :)

1. Lululemon

Beautiful designs, amazing quality, a huge following, and prices to match, Lululemon is one of the best when it comes to yoga gear. I have a pair of running tights I bought there about 5 years ago that still look good as new! They also have invisible side pockets that are the perfect size for a phone - super convenient for a run or commute to the studio. There's no Lululemon shop in Fukuoka (yet?!), but you can get your fix online.

2. Yoga Design Lab

Yoga Design Lab is best known for their beautiful, bright yoga mats. By contrast, all their yoga pants are solid black, but they've got the next best thing: laser cut designs along the side of the leg. The feel of these leggings is a bit different from the others I have - softer and less flexible feeling (though when I do yoga in them I never feel restricted), with a lower waistline. They hug and feel secure but don't dig in or create the dreaded muffin top. 

There are 3 designs to choose from on their Amazon shop (only XS, S, and M available in Japan), but you can also order them from Fit in Fukuoka.

3. Reebok

Seriously the best yoga pants ever. The fabric! It feels like a second skin you don't even notice, and is adorable to boot. The only complaint I have is that the top of the waistband is a tad tight, but that might not be a problem for ladies who are less square-shaped than I am ;)

There's a Reebok shop in Canal City if you want to get a feel for their sizes (Reebok re-sizes for their Japanese stores so what is a XS in North America and Europe is an M in Japan), but you can also shop them online.

4. Forever 21

With a shop right on Taisho Dori, Forever 21 is a convenient and cheap (yoga pants from ¥1200) place to pick up a pair or 2 of trendy yoga pants. They've also got a wider variety of sizes than Reebok and Yoga Design Lab. Quality is decent for the price, but I've found that the synthetic fabrics last longer than their basic cotton.

5. Nike

Everyone should have a basic black pair of yoga pants in their wardrobe, and my favourite are from Nike. I have to stop myself wearing these every single day in the winter, as they're perfect and oh-so-comfortable with a big sweater and over-the-knee boots. And great for working out too of course. Stretchy, long-lasting, and with a really wide waistband which is super flattering and comfortably covers up anything one might want to cover up in the waistband region. Seriously, go get yourself a pair.

6. Athleta

The only company on the list without shops in Japan or a Japanese site, Athleta is a Gap subsidiary that does offer international shipping and pricing in yen. I find their yoga pants to be super flattering and comfortable, but they're made out of a thicker material that does get quite hot in summer.  

7. Gap

Like I mentioned before, you can get some serious discounts on Gap yoga pants. When I went to the Tosu Outlets, I got a pair of ¥5,000 yoga pants for just ¥850! There are a few downsides though - the designs of the Gap pants aren't as bright or flashy as other fitness brands, and to me they feel a bit less breathable than some of the more expensive pants I have. Also, for someone with long chicken legs like me, the pants run a bit short.

8. Adidas

I got these pants because I wanted to try the over-the-ankle longer style yoga pants. But despite the rather hefty price tag, I find these pants fairly average. Fabric, breathability, fit and durability all good. Nothing wrong with them, I just don't like them enough to justify spending that kind of money on them.

Note: All opinions are my own, and I'm not being paid by any of these companies to talk about their products.

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