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    Get fit and meet new people at Fit in Fukuoka. Drop-ins are welcome, only 1,500 yen per class.

  • Element Yoga with Sabrina先生

    Come join Sabrina for Special Yoga Sunday Classes in June!

    All levels are most welcome! Each of the 4 classes will focus on ONE of the natural elements:

    Sunday June 4th: Earth 地
    Sunday June 11th: Water 水
    Sunday June 18th: Fire 火
    Sunday June 25th: Wind 風

    English Yoga Brunch

    Join us for 75 minutes of English yoga with Adeline. Come breathe, flow, and stretch!
    After yoga, hang out at Natumula café for a healthy brunch - vegetarian, organic bentos!

    We can only fit 5 people so RSVP soon to reserve your spot!
    Yoga is from 10:30-11:45am on Sunday July 30th. Brunch starts at 11:50!

    Full Moon Beach Yoga

    July 8th from 8:30-10pm


    Join us for full moon yoga on Momochi Beach! We’ll do Moon Salutations - the Sun Salutation’s more feminine, stretchy, and cooling counterpart.

  • Sessions

    Find the perfect session for you - whether you want to get your cardio on, work on that summer six pack, or strengthen while you stretch. Not sure which type of Heyrobics is best for you? Take our quiz!



    A 75-minute, beginner level YogaWorks lesson. We'll focus on proper alignment and breathing as we stretch and strengthen.



    A 40-50 minute group run followed by muscle massage and stretching tailored specifically to runners.



    The perfect combination of the flow of yoga and the intensity of core exercises. This hour long class will leave you feeling balanced and stronger.



    HeyCore combines elements from Heyrobics and HeyCircuit into a one hour class. You'll feel great after doing your pushups, situps, and squats in this intensely fun session.



    HeyCircuit is a 1-hour total body workout. Practice your planks, pushups, and jumping jacks in 40 second station rotations set to music to keep you pumped.

    Personal Training


    A one- or two-hour personalized lesson. Focus on stretching, cardio, weightlifting, weight-loss, or marathon training. Flexible dates and times - message for more details!

  • Locations

    The Studio


    〒810-0051 福岡市中央区薬院4-18-36 BMC薬院ビル5F


    Momochi Beach (in front of the Hilton)


    〒810-0065 福岡市中央区地行浜2-2


    Ohori Park


    〒810-0051 福岡市中央区大濠公園1

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  • Who We Are

    Meet the Fit in Fukuoka team!

    Adeline Ross


    Adeline is a certified Yoga and Heyrobics instructor who loves exercising with friends! She has run the Great Wall Half Marathon, hiked Macchu Picchu and cycled partway across New Zealand. When not teaching, Adeline can be found cycling around Fukuoka or cooking at home.

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